Not too Late to Advent!

Not too Late to Advent!

Hi all, as we enter the 2nd week of December, are we feeling full of merriment and joy, or mostly stressed out with too much on our to do lists?  I think I’ve been a little of both.

I have to confess that for the first several days of December, I haven’t been feeling much Christmas spirit .  Thankfully,  Ashley cured me of that pretty quickly.  She loves, loves LOVES the holiday season so much – and I mean all of it — the shopping, the decorating, the baking and the party going.   You can’t but help getting into the Christmas spirit with her around.  Pinterest helps too!

So even though I was a little slow out of the gate, I finally got motivated this year to make a Christmas advent calendar, which I’ve been wanting to do for about 5 years.
Christmas Advent Calendar

I will be back soon to do the tutorial on this (it’s going to be a little long),  but wanted you to see it in the meantime.  So keeping checking back for the tutorial!

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