Couple of Holiday Tips

Couple of Holiday Tips

Hi all, no I’m not going to tell you how to get all your holiday, shopping , baking, decorating and card sending done quick and easy like. Mainly because I haven’t come close to figuring out how to do that!!!

But I AM going to share a couple of tips that might help you with your decorating!

Two Holiday Decorating Hacks


We love to hang wreaths from our windows each year from red ribbons, and Tom come up with this super easy way to hang them.   Now I have to point out that this only works if you’ve got the type of window that opens from the top.   If you do though, this makes hanging those wreaths  SO easy!

All you need to do is cut a dowel to the width of the ribbon, and slip the dowel piece inside the loop of the ribbon.
inserting dowel in christmas wreathdowel in christmas wreath

Then carefully close your window — and voila — the dowel will keep the ribbon in place with the wreath hanging on the outside of the window!
closed dowel in christmas wreath

Oh, don’t forget to enjoy your pretty wreaths hanging outside!
Wreath on window white frame

 Another decorating dilemma that Tom solved for me (he’s always solving my dilemmas by the way…I tend to create them and then he just solves them!) is what to do about the ugly extension cord hanging down from our fireplace mantel.

In previous years I used battery powered lights on the mantel, and this year I decided we’d go back to regular AC powered lights because I think the lights are prettier.    Only thing is, I absolutely despise the way you could see the extension cord hanging down the side of the mantel.

Tom came up with a great solution because he knows how much I despise cords!   He simply attached a 3M velcro strip to the cord head and then another piece of velco to the side of the mantel.
velcro on extension cordvelcro on mantel
Then just attach the cord head to the velcro along the mantel and now everything’s nice, neat, and snugly.  Ahhhhh…
extension cord on side of mantel

He also used straight pins to keep the cord tucked in all the way to the floor.  Is he brilliant or what?  (Sorry for all the Tom bragging — but he never EVER toots his own horn so I gotta do it for him!!!)

I’m sure most of you are way ahead of me and probably have your holiday decorating all done by this point, but if you don’t…hope you find these two tips handy.

See ya next time!

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