A Wreath and A Reminder

A Wreath and A Reminder

Hi all, here’s a little story about this wreath we made for the wreath decorating contest we had at my office….
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Wreath

Last year at work we had a holiday cubicle/office decorating contest and I came in 2nd place.   Second place is nothing to sneeze at I know, but when the office announced this year that we’d be doing a wreath decorating contest,  I was determined to snag the 1st place prize for Most Creative Wreath.

I wracked my brain trying to come up with a good idea for wreath.   Eventually it got to be the night before the contest and I still had no ideas.  Nada.

So 9:00pm the night before (after I got home from the company holiday party), Tom and I got to work on our wreath.    Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?

Obviously we had to keep things simple since we were starting so late.   I also started to stress  since it was so friggin late.  Then I caught myself and said to Tom:  “This is crazy, we are not going to get stressed out during yet another Christmas season, especially by a wreath decorating contest!”

After I had composed myself a little, I sat down.  And then it came to me.  How about a wreath of Charlie Brown’s little Christmas tree???!!!  It was perfect — simple, sweet, we had all the stuff to make it, and most of all, I’ve always LOVED the “Charlie Brown Christmas” special…especially that little tree.  Tom agreed it was a great idea and immediately hopped into action to help me make it (Read: do most of it)!

Here’s how we made it.  (I don’t have very many pics since, as I stated above, we did this so quickly the night before):

  • We decided to use a  twig wreath  because, well, that was what we had on hand.  Since it was after 9pm and all the stores were closed, we didn’t have any choice to use anything but what we had!   The twig wreath would be just fine though since we were going with the Charlie Brown theme.
  • Next came the tree trunk….we used some of the spare trunk that Tom had cut off  when we got our Christmas tree.  He made a notch in the trunk with his saw so it would sit nugly on the wreath and then drilled a small hole in the trunk in which we placed a leftover tree clipping to represent the little tree.
  • Then we hung the little red ornament on the little tree.  (Fortunately, I happened to have plenty of spare ornaments because I use those throughout the house for decorating.  Whew!!!)
  • We then wrapped some blue felt around the bottom of the tree branch.  (The amazing thing was that I also happened to have a blue square of felt in my fabric stash.   How lucky was that???  I guess being a craft supply hoarder pays off sometimes!)
  • Lastly, I made this little sign on the computer:
    Reason for the Season

Doing this little project was a good reminder for me this holiday season…..

We’ve been so busy the entire month of December with work and getting ready for the holidays that it seemed like we  just going through the motions.   It’s so easy in all the business of shopping, wrapping and decorating to forget the whole reason we celebrate Christmas.

When Tom and I finally finished the wreath, we stepped back to look at it, and smiled.   We had used what we had on hand, and we had a ton of fun figuring out how to make it all come together.  And just like Charlie Brown’s tree, it wasn’t fancy, but “just needed a little love” and ingenuity.

So this wreath reminded me what Christmas was supposed to be all about.  Love.  Peace on earth.  Not about winning the first place prize.  (Although we did win that Most Creative Wreath award.)   icon-smile-o

hope you all have wonderful holiday with your loved ones, and that you too will remember the Reason for the Season.

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