Wanted:  More Joy

Wanted: More Joy


Yesterday I made this my Facebook Cover photo:

Healing with Joy

When I posted this new cover, I stated that my New Year’s resolution was to have and spread more of these 3 things in 2015 — play, laughter, and joy.   ESPECIALLY JOY.

Because as the new year rolled in and I reflected on 2014, I realized that this past year I didn’t have near enough of these 3 things, which I now refer to as my soul trifecta.

I know I didn’t have near enough soul trifecta in 2014 because around this same time last year, I did a post and tutorial on creating this Joy Jar:

completed set

The idea behind the Joy Jar was that every time we experienced something in our family that brought us joy, laughter,  or a feeling of gratitude or accomplishment, we would jot it down on one of the little note cards and drop it in the Joy Jar.  Then at the end of the year, we’d read through all the cards.   This was my alternative to doing a Gratitude Journal, which for whatever reason I’ve never been very good at sticking with.

Well folks, I just pulled out the Joy Jar recently and looked through all the cards.

The good news is that there were some cards in the jar.  The bad news is there weren’t very many cards in the jar.  And all of them were mine (unless you count the silly ones that Ashley put in the jar like “Mom reminded us today to fill out some of these cards”, or “the cat meowed today”).

So my grand plan that this would be a family activity that Tom and Ashley would also participate in, didn’t quite pan out…and frankly, I didn’t quite expect it to.   I go a little overboard sometimes with my pie in-the-sky-we’re-all -going-to-do-this-as-a-family-and-have-a-great-time-doing-it ideas, for which Tom and Ashley aren’t always as enthusiastic about as me, and this was no exception.

The thing that did upset me however is that I had only filled out 10 cards.  For the entire year.  That to me is sad.  Very very sad.

Now in my defense, I think part of the reason was that my day job was completely off the hitch in 2014, and I think too that sometimes I just simply forgot to fill out the cards.  However, I don’t think either of these were the main reason why there were so few cards.

Nope, truth is last year things got way out of balance for me and I lost sight of the things that make my soul soar.   I got side tracked with too much work, being too hard on myself, and focused too much on checking off my to do list.   I started doing less and less things that involved play, made me laugh, and brought me joy.   And that is really not how I want to be living.  Especially after having survived cancer.
We all have two lives

So that’s why my New Year’s Resolution is to have and spread more soul trifecta.    Now, don’t get me wrong.  I still set a few of the standard rote resolutions as well..be a better wife/mom/friend, attend church more, drink more water, work out at least 3 times a week,  grow the blog and etsy store, blah blah blah.   (Hey they wouldn’t be New Year’s resolutions if we at least set some that we know there’s no chance we’ll achieve, right???)

But if I find that in the process of trying to achieve these same ol’ standard resolutions, I find myself having less and less joy, then I will drop them like hot potatoes.   What good does it do me to lose the extra 10 pounds and become cut and chizzled if I become a total Bitchzilla doing it?   I think it’s fair to say my family and friends would prefer a pleasant, plumper Donna to a lean, grumpy Donna any day of the week.

Now if I do happen to actually achieve some of those standard resolutions, then fantastic.   But having and spreading more soul trifecta is the one I am determined to achieve. 

Because when I really sit down and think about it, more play, laughter and joy really are what I want most in life.   I want it for me, my loved ones, and the world.  Because in my humble opinion,  if we all had more play, laughter and joy,  a whole slew of our problems would go away.

And I really want to spread these things in the world, because now after spending a lifetime of trying to achieve goals that bring me no lasting satisfaction, I’ve discovered that spreading and sharing these things is the true path to happiness.
Lao Tsu He who obtains

So this year ladies and gents, I do hereby declare that the soul trifecta will become the guiding star in my life.  I hope it will be yours too.  And here’s to filling up our Joy Jars this year – may they overfloweth!!!

p.s  You can rest assured we’ll be doing lots more creating this year, because if there’s anything that brings me joy…it’s creating!!!


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