PicMonkey and Everywhere Art

PicMonkey and Everywhere Art

Hey folks!   Today I want to talk about a couple of things….

First, THERE ARE AMAZING, WONDROUS THINGS EVERYWHERE AND WE SHOULD ALL TAKE MORE TIME OUT TO NOTICE THEM!  (Sorry for yelling this but I really wanted to get your attention!)

Second, we  have at our fingertips more tools and resources to tap into our creativity that any point in history!!!

For example, take a quick look at this:

Tom snapped a pic of this little guy hanging out on our kitchen door a few weeks ago.

I’m showing you this not because I wanted to illustrate that our kitchen door is dirty and is obviously in need of a good cleaning, but rather to illustrate my two points above.

With the help of PicMonkey, I  turned the above photo into this in about 5 minutes:
frog on window

Isn’t he the coolest???

Now let me stop just a second and  mention something …Sometimes I have mixed emotions about digital art and digital photography.   In some ways, it feels like cheating to me.   But other times, I am simply in awe of the things you can do digitally (and the speed at which you can do them).  The fact that I could turn little Mr. Froggy into Technicolor Dream Toad  in about 5 minutes is pretty darn cool to me (although technically he’s really a frog, not a toad – but Technicolor Toad has a nicer ring to it)!  I’m all for old school methods, but I do also believe that technology is another tool and medium to be utilized in our creativity toolkits.

It’s really just amazing to me what we can do with the internet and technology these days.   I mean seriously, you can learn how to to cook, speak a foreign language, play an instrument, and create crazy photos…. all in your pajamas!

And how many cool, wonderful things in nature, physics, and life are out there right under our noses that we are absolutely not noticing???  And why are we not using technology to the full extent possible to help us notice these things?

Let’s take Mr. Froggy, for example.  I mean, how cool is it that they can pretty much cling to anything at about any angle?!   And check out those cool toe pads!   They are obviously spread out in just the right manner to allow him to stick to the glass.  There’s an interesting tidbit about the toe pads of frogs… apparently frogs  use wet adhesion to cling to surfaces by secreting a thin layer of sticky mucus to coat their fleshy toe-pads.    (This is kinda gross when I think about it, but also pretty cool.)

By virtue of Tom taking the time to snap a pic of our cool little visitor with my cell phone, and me deciding to take a few minutes to experiment with the photo, technology helped me learn some interesting discoveries, both about frogs AND art.    By going through the process of editing this photo, it really emphasized the texture of the frog’s skin for me along with those pliable, stretchy toe pads.  It also highlighted for me how the different contrasting colors of the bright yellow, orange and greens, along with the light and dark values, can really make an impact visually in photos and art.

In a perfect world, technology and art can strike a balance, in which technology is aiding our creativity and not distracting us from it.  Technology should help us learn, and it should help us observe, but sadly I think we’re no where close to utilizing technology to the full extent possible in those areas.  I remain hopeful we’ll get there one day.

I sure hope that we humans wake up soon and start using the technology available to us to expand our knowledge and our creativity.   I also hope we can use art and creativity as a tool for being better observers and helping us to notice all the amazing wondrous things out there, not only in this big grand planet of ours but also right at home… stuck to our kitchen doors.

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