More Fun With PicMonkey

More Fun With PicMonkey

Hi all – I had so much fun making my Technicolor Toad (which was really a frog) last week using PicMonkey that I did some more playing around with photos on hand.   I made this little design  for an upcoming Valentine’s Day project:
art marshmellows pink

And here’s the original photo that I used to create the design:

marshmellows unedited

Crazy, right?!    See what’s possible using a little bit of creativity and a cool tool like PicMonkey???  I just think it’s so awesome that I could take a photo of some cute little marshmellows (that Ashley decorated in our weekly creative activity in Week 28 of our 2013 Suburbativity52 Challenge) and transform them into a fun abstract design that can now be used in another creative project!!!

PicMonkey is such an awesome photo editing tool and great way to get your creativity on!  Give it a whirl sometime.   And I promise I’ll do a tutorial on it soon!!!

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