Rebus Picture Puzzles, Midori Journals, and Planners…Oh My!

Rebus Picture Puzzles, Midori Journals, and Planners…Oh My!

Hey all!  Last week when I mentioned that I liked Rebus picture puzzles for brain teasers and sparking creativity, I also mentioned I was creating some of my own.   Well, I did THREE of them to be exact…and here they are!:
rebus w frame and wm

I had a really good time doing these!  It was fun deciding what kind of puzzles to make and I also got to practice my drawing and lettering!   I have a pretty good hunch though I’m not going to make it into the Master Rebus Creator Club anytime soon since neither Ashley nor Tom guessed all 3 puzzles exactly right.

What’s that you say?  You want to know what the solutions are as well???   Ah of course you do! Well here you go…
sunnysideup w frameSolution:  Sunny Side Up.   Tom and Ashley both guessed “Sun Up” on this one.

runningwater w frame

Solution:   Running Water.  Tom guessed this one right away but Ashley said “Running H20.”  I was like, “Honey, c’mon, think about it some more!”, and then she was like, “OHHHHH, duh!!!

owl rebus w frame

Solution:  I’ll Be Right Back.   Tom and Ashley both got the “I’ll” and the “Be” but were a little stumped on the “Right” and the “Back”.    Hmmm, guess my choice of pictures for those 2 words left a little to be desired.

One of the reasons I wanted to do these rebus picture puzzles was to try out my new Midori Traveler’s Notebook.  I’ve been in search of a solution for a compact portable art journal for quite some time and had been noticing a lot of these Midoris on Intragram and YouTube, so I ordered one from Amazon and got busy sketching away in it as soon as it arrived.

I’m sure most of you have already heard of the Midori, but for the small minority of people out there that,  like me, have apparently been on another planet or something and have NOT yet heard of Midoris, here’s a little info on them….

Many people call the Midori a system, some might even call it a phenomenon!!!  But basically all it is is a rectangular cover of some sort with notebooks and inserts that are attached inside by an elastic band.  Here’s a pic of the original leather bound Midori Traveler’s Notebook from the Midori website (Midori, by the way is based out of Japan):
midori standard

The main reason I decided to try out the Midori was because of its compact size and all the customization options.  The Passport size is only 5″ x 3.6″ and the Standard is 8.5″x4.5″.  I chose the Standard size since I wanted something big enough to sketch, journal and letter in.

The notebooks that go inside are available in a variety of paper types and sizes from online vendors.  I ordered mine from Amazon and Yellow Paper House.  You can also order them directly from Midori as well:
midoricollection w frame wm
The Midori covers come in a ton of different styles and materials…everything from leather to fabric.    I ordered a really beautiful leather cover from Leather Planners Plus on Etsy:
midori cover
You can order your Midori from this seller in a variety of colors and sizes, and can also add several fun personalization options, such as charms, initials,  and stamps, like the “Think, Love, Live, Joy” stamp that I got.

In addition to the variety of covers and notebooks, there are also a plethora of different inserts that can go inside your Midori, like business card inserts and envelopes.     Many people make their own inserts and covers.

The sky’s really the limit with Midoris — you can go all out decorating the covers and inserts…and trust me, I’m already doing that, so you’ll be hearing lots more from me on these cute little “Doris”, as many people call them!     They truly are a big thing among travelors (hence the name), artists, scrapbookers, planners, and writers because they’re so compact, flexible, practical, customizable and FUN!

In addition to the “Dori’s”, the other thing you’re about to start hearing a lot from me about is Planners.  I’m ALL up in the planning and organizing these days and I just went out and got myself this shiny, pretty planner from kikki.K:
kikkiKDarkMint w frame and wm

The whole planner thing is also a big, big, BIG phenomenon. I  just had no idea until I started my quest for a new planning and calendar solution a few months ago,  but I’m all “learned” on it now — let me tell you! — and you will be soon too if you stay tuned, so stay tuned!

Ciao for now!






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