An Eggsellent Easter Wreath

An Eggsellent Easter Wreath

Hey everybody…I know, I know..that post title is the cheesiest thing ever, but the wreath sure is pretty, isn’t it?!!!

Wreath w frame and banner
It was super easy to make as well… I used some things I had on hand along with a few things I purchased.

I want to use this wreath for other holidays and occasions,  so I attached everything with floral wire for easy removal.     After painting and letting the wood letter dry, it took me all of about 20 minutes to make this!

Ok, I know you’re anxious to get started, so let’s “hop” right into this tutorial.   (Oh wow, I really need to stop with these horrible puns, don’t I?!)

gather up these supplies

Supplies - Easter Wreath w logo


  1. Wood or plastic decorative eggs (I got mine from Pier 1)
  2. Artificial greenery
  3. Wooden letter (I purchased mine from Michael’s)
  4. Nest with eggs (I got mine from Pier 1)
  5. Floral Wire
  6. Felt
  7. Raffia ribbon
  8. Acrylic paint
  9. Paintbrush or foam brush
  10. Scissors
  11. Glue gun
  12. Jute Ribbon
  13. Grapevine wreath (not pictured)

get busy creating!

To make my wreath, I repurposed the  grapevine wreath that we used previously to make our  Charlie Brown Christmas Tree wreath.  You may remember this cute little guy:
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Wreath

So the first thing I had to do to get started on this Easter wreath was remove the tree trunk.  Obviously you can skip this step!

Wreath with screw
Next, I got started painting the wooden D.    I used some blue acrylic paint I had on hand but mixed it with some beige paint to lighten up the blue a little bit.
Mixing Blue PaintMixed Blue Paint


I wanted an aged/distressed look for our letter so after letting the blue paint dry, I  painted some brown paint on the edges and inside of the letter.
Aged Edges of D

Then to distress the letter, I simply crinkled up a paper towel, dipped it in the brown paint, and blotted it on the letter randomly. Remember that aging in real life occurs in a random fashion so you want to blot it a very  un-uniform fashion. Don’t be afraid of messing up this part, because if you don’t t like it, you can always just paint over it!Edging Corner of D
Blotting D with Paint

After blotting the letter, I let it sit for about a minute. Then I blended and softened the distressing by going over the letter with another paper towel that I dampened with water ever so slightly.
Blotting D w Paper Towel

After the letter dried and I was happy with the distressing, I attached it to the wreath with the raffia ribbon. (NOTE: I decided later that this should have been the last step because the letter sort of got in the way when I  attached all the other items to the wreath. Oh well, live and learn!)
Tying Letter on Wreath

To add the greenery, I simply stuck it into the wreath. That’s the handy thing about using a grapevine style wreath!
Adding Greenery To Wreath

Because I wanted to use this wreath for other things, I wanted everything that I added to the Easter wreath to be removable, so I needed to figure out a way to attach the eggs so that I could remove them. (By the way, if you aren’t wanting to remove your items later, for this step you could just hot glue your eggs on the wreath.)

So to attach my eggs, I decided to hot glue a small piece of felt to the back of the eggs, left an opening in the center of the felt, and strung a piece of floral wire through the opening.

First, I just cut up small pieces of felt.
Felt Pieces

Then I hot glued 2 edges of the felt to the egg like so:
Felt w Glue

Felt on Egg

I then cut pieces of floral wire and slipped the wire through the felt on the eggs.
Wire Through Eggs


Then I positioned the eggs on the wreath where I wanted them, wrapped the wire around the edge of the wreath, twisted the wire together in the back and then tucked the tails into the wreath.   I did the same thing with the nest.
Wire Around Wreath
And finally, I strung some jute ribbon to the back of the wreath, tied it in a bow and hung up the wreath!
Jute Ribbon Around Wreath
Wreath w frame and logo

After Easter’s over, all I have to do is remove the eggs and nest and add some fun Spring items and we can continue enjoying the wreath all through the Spring.

So there you have it folks..hope you enjoy our fun, easy and multi-purpose Easter wreath!!!!

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