Eggs A La Floral

Eggs A La Floral

Hey all, hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and weekend! As I mentioned in my last post, we went to a friend’s house for Easter and had a really nice visit, along with a wonderful brunch of egg casserole, ham, homemade bisquits and jam, green been salad, fruit salad, and mimosas. I wish I would have taken some pics of all the delicious food…I’ll have to remember to do that next time.

Most of our kids are older now, but one of our friends has a darling three year old so we had an easter egg hunt for her and even hid a few eggs for the older girls too. Hey, you’re never too old for an easter egg hunt, right?

When we got home from brunch, Ashley wanted to decorate easter eggs — but instead of using food coloring we decorated them flowers. She had seen this done on on Lauren Conrad’s website (so we can’t take credit for the idea).  So we made these when we got home:
Flower Petal Eggs Collage


This was a super easy and fun craft for us and only takes a few supplies.  I must warn you however that it does require a little bit of patience to apply the flower petals to the eggs, but hey when you’re having a great time chatting it up with your daughter, it’s totally worth it!

I know Easter’s already over, but if you pin this tutorial now, you’ll be all set to decorate your eggs next next year! Check out Lauren’s tutotial as well, along with some other great ideas on her site for decorating eggs.

So without further ado, here’s how we made these pretties….

gather these suppliesSlide1

  1. Flower petals (fresh or artificial)
  2. Boiled eggs (make sure you use white)
  3. Foam brush and fine tip paint brush (or toothpick)
  4. Elmer’s Glue


get busy creating!

The first thing we did was buy a bouquet of flowers and separate all the petals.  Ashley then arranged them on a plate.  They looked so pretty just like that —
Flower Petal Salad

Then we glued the petals to the eggs with Elmer’s Glue in various patterns .  We would usually make a small strip of glue on the egg and then place each petal on individually.  Sometimes you need to hold the petal down while the glue sets and then also apply a little bit of glue on top of the flower.
Ashley gluing flower to egg

If you look at the bottom of this egg, instead of placing on petals individually, I applied a lot of glue and then sprinkled the petals on like confetti.  Try different patterns and just have fun with it!
Applying Flowers to Egg

It got a little messy at times, but if you place a piece of cardboard, poster or craft paper on your work space, it’s very easy to clean up.
Flower Eggs Work Space

Plus the mess is worth it when you see the finished results.
Eggs w frame and wm

I hope you give this floral egg extravaganza a try next Easter!


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