Pretty Simple Flowers and Wreaths

Pretty Simple Flowers and Wreaths

Hey everyone…hope your Spring is going splendidly!

We’ve definitely been enjoying some wonderful Spring days here in VA and so in that vein this week I made some really easy no-sew fabric flowers in fun Spring colors to decorate my handy dandy interchangeable Jute wreath.
Interchangeable Wreath w No Sew Fabric Flowers

If you seen some of my other posts on this wreath, you know how excited I get about it because it’s so easy to change it up for different seasons and holidays!

Here it is all red and pink for Valentines’ Day:
Valentine Jute Wreath w Frame

And then in pretty neutral winter white Colors:
winterwreathhanging w frame

The flowers that I made for the Spring wreath are a little different than the ones I made previously for the Valentine’s and Winter wreaths, but they are super duper easy to make. They’re also really great for using up extra fabric scraps!

If you need a refresh on how I made the interchangeable jute wreath and the Valentine’s and Winter flowers click here.  And for my Spring no-sew flowers, read on….


gather these supplies

Fabric Flower Supplies w frame


For one flower, you’ll need the following and then multiply  by however many flowers you want to make:

  • 7-10 pieces  of Cotton fabric that are about a 2″ square each (you’ll be cutting into circles with a diameter of  1- 3/4″)
  • White felt to cut into a circle with a diameter of 1- 3/4″

You will also need:

  • Something to use to trace your circles (I used Washi tape!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun


get your creative on


Use whatever you have on hand (container lid , spice jar lid, or in my case…Washi tape!!) to trace a circle onto white felt with about a 1-3/4″ diameter.
Tracing Cirlce on FeltCirlce Pattern on Felt

Then cut out the circle.

Cutting Felt


Then trace circles (also with about a 1-3/4″ diameter) onto your cotton fabric and cut out those circles.  I used the same washi tape to trace the fabric circles that I used for the felt circle.

Tracing Cirlce on Fabric

Fabric Circles

Then pick up one of the cotton circles and fold and gather it in the middle (the right side of the fabric should be facing up) to form petals.
Bunching Flower cropped

Turn your fabric so that the point is accessible and apply hot glue to the tip of the point.
Applying Hot Glue to Fabric close

Now grab the other end of the flower petal so that you can  place the point (where the glue is) onto the white felt circle.  Place it toward the middle of the circle.
Glueing First Flower cropped

Repeat the above steps with the other fabric working your way from the middle to the outer edge of the white felt circle.  It will take about 7-10 pieces depending on how tightly your formed your flower petals.  Don’t get too worried about making the pieces perfect and symmetrical…remember that in nature flowers aren’t exactly symmetrical either!
Fabric Flower In Process Fabric Flower Completed
I repeated the process to make 8 flowers total of varying fabric.  Then I pinned each flower onto my wreath.  To put the flowers on the wreath, I simply pulled the fabric petals back in the center of the flower and inserted a white pin at a little bit of an angle into the wreath.
Pinning Fabric Flower On Wreath

After you take your hand away, the petals will cover up the pin and you’ll never see them.  You will now have a very pretty wreath to hang!
Finished Wreath v2frameSo there you have it folks, it doesn’t get much easier than that…pretty simple flowers and a pretty simple wreath that you can easily change up for the next season or holiday!

See ya next time!


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