It’s Good To Be a Craft Hoarder…

It’s Good To Be a Craft Hoarder…

…because your daughter can then use your craft supplies to make Mother’s Day gifts for you:
decorated candle and card wl

…and she can also use them to do her school assignments:history brochure top

history brochure bottom


and that makes her momma really happy because not only does she like to see her daughter being creative, but it also makes her feel a lot less guilty about having all those craft supplies!

(P.S. If you’re wondering how Ashley made the Mother’s Day gift she just printed out a photo of us, attached it to a candle and then decorated it with a gift tag, Washi tape, and markers from…yes, my craft stash.   So there you have it…having lots of craft supplies on hand is a really good thing for all..not only the creators, but also the recipients of the wonderful creations)!

See ya next time, Creatives!!!

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