Listers Gotta List!

Listers Gotta List!

Hey there friends! Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer!  ☀️  We’re already feeling some summer heat here in VA.    Ready to hear all about my latest creative outlet?

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I realize I haven’t posted in a few weeks but I’ve got a really good excuse.  Promise!  You may recall that in March I talked about my new obsession…the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (MTN) and how I’ve been all caught up in MTN Mania (as well as Planner Mania, but more on that later).

For a quick refresher for those that may not know about MTN…it’s a handy dandly little notebook that can be used as a travel log, art journal, calendar, planner and or just about anything that requires paper.
midoricollection w frame wm

But I actually think one of the neatest things of all about it is that it can be used for something called Listing.  I’m not talking about To-Do lists (although it’s great for that), I’m talking about List challenges that you can write in your MTN or any other kind of notebook:
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So what the heck is a List Challenge, you ask?  Well,  it’s something that’s becoming really popular in social media, especially Instagram. It’s where someone picks a category of things to List each day (or as frequent as you can).  I’ve jumped on this bandwagon and joined the Listers Gotta List challenge started by Cori at The Reset Girl shop. (If you don’t know of Cori yet, you really need to get to know her!  She sells cool planners stickers and does really awesome videos on setting up planners and Midori’s.)

Cori started the official LGL Challenge in April and each day has a prompt to list out all kinds of things like….

Best Things About Being A Kid:
Best Things About Being A Kid w frame

Best Meals You’ve Ever Had:
Best Meals I Ever Ate w frame

Places You Want To Go:
Places I want To Go w frame

Now, you don’t have to go all crazy decorating your lists like I did….just simply thinking about and writing out your lists is relaxing and fun in and of itself.  I ‘ve never really had a writing journal per se  (just art journals) and writing these lists has really gotten me into journaling now.   It’s a great way to stroll down memory lane and do some self reflection.  But you know me, in addition to the listing, I gotta get my creativity out or I start going a little cray-cray so I also use this listing challenge as a fun creative outlet. 

The other cool thing about it is the planner and lister community.  Many people posts pics of their lists on Instagram (#ListersGottaList) and in the LGL Facebook Group:
Listers Gotta List Facebook

It’s really fun seeing what other people list on Instagram and Facebook.  Some topics have even got a little serious and personal, but everyone on the boards is extremely supportive and kind.   It truly is a great community.

Now, I know some of you may not want to commit to listing every day, but here’s the thing… you absolutely don’t have to list every day.  After I finished the challenge in April, I realized pretty quickly that listing every day was a little too much for me (since I’m prone to go crazy with the decorating part), so I’m now just doing lists for particular topics that  interest or speak to me.

So why not give it a try?  I promise you that you’ll have a blast!  Cori’s even started a LGL challenge for kids — how fun would that be for them in the summer?

So now you know why I haven’t posted in a bit. Between LGL and all the Planner stuff I’ve been doing, it’s been busy!

I hope to get you all caught up soon on the Planner stuff I’ve been doing…it’s turned into quite an obsession for me so I’ll have all kinds of goodies to share on that soon, plus some more scoop on other Instagram challenges I’m starting.

So stay tuned, and in the meantime, get busy listing!


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