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Challenge Yourself with Hand Lettering!

Challenge Yourself with Hand Lettering!

Hey friends, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I’ve got two words for ya on why that is:  Instagram challenges!!!

After doing the Listers Gotta List Challenge I talked about in my last post, I had so much fun doing that that I dived right into a 30 day hand lettering challenge on Instagram and it was a ton of fun as well!

Lettering Challenge

I came about this challenge from the really sweet and super inspiring Caroline over at Made Vibrant.
Caroline - Made Vibrant

Caroline has a fabulous 30 day lettering class called the Better Lettering Course (only $20!), which I happened upon when I was googling all about hand lettering, since I’m all up in planner /paper calender mania lately and wanting to work on my lettering.

When I followed Caroline on Instagram and saw that she was doing a 30 day lettering challenge on Instagram, I jumped on it since I had so much fun with Listers Gotta List.

For the challenge, Caroline comes up with a word a day at the beginning of the month and then the challenge is to hand letter the word or a phrase related to the word for the entire month.  Here are the 30 I did for June:

30 Days of Lettering w Logo

Everyone doing the challenge will then posts photos of their words to Instagram (using #betterletteringcourse) and it’s really fun and inspirational to see everyone’s work.

I took the chance to not only work on my lettering but to also practice some drawing as well and had a ball coming up with creative ways to do each word.  Here’s are a few of the ones I really enjoyed doing….





I Hope You Dance


I used my Inkwell Press journal to draw my words in and it was perfect for the job.

Inkwell Press Journal Cover


The pages are about 6″ x 8 ” and are very thick so there was very little bleed through from my markers.

Sometimes I would draw one word on a page, but in a few cases I did two to a page.  I mostly used markers and colored pencils to do my lettering.

One Drawing In Inkwell

Two Drawings in Inkwell


To mix things up a bit,  I drew a few words on colored paper.   I especially love lettering with my white Uni-ball Signo gel pen, and it shows up really nicely on craft paper.

Find Your Own Flow


Every now and then before I posted on Instagram, I’d add a filter to the photo, but for the most part I would just post the pic as is.  Here are few examples though of photos I posted with filters.  You can see from the before and after that the filters really added a neat effect.

EmbraceEmbrace 2
Howdy PartnerHowdy Partner 2

This challenge REALLY got my creative juices flowing…so if you want to have some fun and stretch yourself creatively, you should definitely try an Instagram challenge.  I think you AND your soul will really enjoy it.



I started a calligraphy lettering challenge right after this one, so stay turned for that!

See ya next time friends!

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