The Challenges Continue…

The Challenges Continue…

…but don’t worry Friends, they’re good challenges — more Instagram challenges!!!   After finishing up the Better Lettering Course that I wrote about in my last post, I dove into a calligraphy challenge called #handletteredabcs. Here’s a little sampling of the letters I did:

ABCs Collage - 13 w wm

This challenge was started by Sharisse (@piecescalligraphy) and Nina (@anintran), who do the most wonderful calligraphy with brush and pointed pen. Their websites and Instagram feeds are chock full with tips and inspiration.




Nina Practice Drills

These two ladies, along with a lot of other amazing letterers and calligraphers on Instagram, inspired me to try the #handletteredabcs challenge.    And even though I did calligraphy many moons ago, I was a little too intimidated to jump in right away to using a pointed calligraphy pen.    That thing just looked kinda complicated, and even a little dangerous, ya know?

Calligraphy Pen and Ink

So for the challenge, I opted to ease into things and just draw the letters with my Sharpie pen.  This allowed me to get familiar with the letter forms and the mechanics of making the up and down strokes, as well as try out different letter styles rather than sticking to a specific style such as Copperplate.

I got lots of great ideas for letter styles from Molly Suber Thorpe’s book, Modern Calligraphy:

Modern Calligraphy book


And here’s a little secret about the watercolor paintings that accompany my letters.  Truth be told, the reason I did the paintings was to take away some of the focus from my letters.



Flowers w V

But here’s a funny thing about doing those watercolors, which frankly were just an aside to the letters.  I totally rediscovered my love of watercolor painting, which I also used to do a long time ago!!!  And another bonus to them was that Ashley helped me decide which objects to paint, so she became involved in the challenge as well and got a really big kick out of seeing me post the finished projects on my Instagram feed.  (She’s a teenager after all, so she’s all about Instagram. ?).   So even though the watercolors were kind of an aside to the lettering, they turned out to be a really fun aspect of the challenge for me!

You can hop onto the challenge any time under the hashtags #handletteredabcs or #handletteredabcs_extended.  And if you’re not quite ready to do the challenges, you should definitely check out the feeds because they are hugely inspirational and fun to view.

Oh, by the way, I have in fact started using the pointed calligraphy pen.  I’m sticking to the Modern calligraphy style for now, as I find it a little more forgiving than the traditional styles such as Copperplate.

Modern Calligraphy


So there you have it folks.  That’s a wrap on another Instagram challenge!

have a great day

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