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Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a little background on us and the Creativity52 blog.  (If you want the detailed scoop though,  click here.)



Hi there!   I’m Donna (that’s me in the middle above).  That’s my daughter Ashley on the left and my husband Tom on the right.   We’re a little family of three and we  love to be creative and make stuff!   We want you to be creative and make stuff too.

What???  You say you’re too busy?   We know, we know…we struggle with that problem too, but when we discover ways to squeeze in some creative time, we share them on this blog  (because we’re nice like that)!   We also  share stuff we’ve made and lots of tutorials on how we did it.   Plus, we have a bunch of creative projects on the blog that really don’t take that long!!!

And what else did you say?   You’re just not creative???   Well, we believe  everyone is creative in their own unique way.    So we’re here to inspire you and help you tap into that creativity of yours.  We know it’s in there.  It’s just being a little shy right now and we just gotta coax it out…



Over the past few years, our little family started noticing that our life in the suburbs, and the world in general, was becoming more and more hectic.   This was majorly zapping our creative spirits, and we were NOT happy about that!!!

So at the beginning of 2013, we challenged ourselves to do something creative every week for 52 weeks straight.   I also decided to blog about it to help us stick to our challenge and named the blog SUBURBATIVITY52 to signify us creating every week and trying to lead a more creative life out in the suburbs.

After our 2013 challenge ended, we realized how much happier we were devoting more time to creating, so we decided to keep at it, and at the beginning of 2014, I decided to change the blog name to:


We want you to create, invent, and problem-solve more too, so in this blog we’ll be sharing a mix of our crafts and creations,  DIY and fixer-upper stuff, tips on how to weave more creativity into a busy world and life, and things that inspire our creativity.

And we think creativity can mean a lot of different things…like solving problems such as how to find time for the really important things in life, how to be more authentic, and how to invent a smart phone app that will do your laundry for you.  (I’m really serious about that last one.)

Be Inspired


We try to keep our posts short and sweet but make our tutorials as descriptive as possible with lots of photos.   (Some of our pics aren’t that great, as we’re still trying to learn about photography, so please bear with us on that!)

We also post no more than once a week (and occasionally even less than that when life gets crazy!)  because as much as we’d love to do this blog full-time, we have day jobs.  More importantly,   if you were to spend all your precious time reading daily posts of ours YOU would have less time to create!

We also firmly believe that everyone is creative in one way or another and that we all have our own very unique talents!  So we want to get you fired up and inspired to tap into those  creative talents of yours.   We really believe the world would be a better place if people utilized their creativity more.   Here’s our diatribe on that, if you’re interested.

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Now how about you???    Drop us a note if you have a sec!    And if you’re still interested in THE LONG SCOOP, check this out.

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