The Sub52 Challenge

Thanks for stopping by!  Let us introduce ourselves:
We are Donna, Tom, Ashley, Sparky and Jazz:   Two busy parents with busy careers, one busy teenage daughter, and two busy cats (okay, the cats really aren’t that busy, except when they’re demanding food from us)!  And we bet you’re busy too!!!  So thanks for taking the time to read this!

We have this little dilemma…
We live in the suburbs outside of Washington DC and are truly happiest when we’re creating and making things, but our jobs and busy lives always seem to get in the way.

…so we came up with this idea:
At the beginning of 2013, we decided to challenge ourselves to do something creative every week as a family for the next 52 weeks and blog about it to log our journey, share our experiences, and hopefully meeting some like-minded folks in the blogosphere along the way.  Hence, the name Suburbavity52…52 weeks of creating out in the suburbs.

But we set a few rules for ourselves:

  • The blog would be our motivation and hold us accountable to keep us disciplined about being creative.  Without that accountability, our creative time would probably get pushed to the bottom of our to do list.
  • A weekly creative activity could include lots of different things:  Arts and crafts (which we love), home improvement  projects (we live in a fixer upper, so no shortage of projects there!), just stepping out of our normal routine, or creatively solving a problem…like figuring out a way to finally organize all our scrapbook supplies, or better yet…actually completing a scrapbook!  We’re hoping once the creative gates open, there will be a flood of creative possibilities and accomplishments we never anticipated!
  • If the challenge gets too stressful, we’d pause and rethink how we’re going about things.   Adding creativity to our lives and bringing us together as a family is the main goal, not adding additional stress!  We’ve got enough of that already!
  • Projects may overlap weeks just as long as we’re doing something creative at least once a week.
  • We LOVE being creative and want to help others find more time for creativity too, so we’ll also share whatever we find along the way that helps us keep our 52 week creative challenge going – tips on what works and what doesn’t.
  • Modify the rules as we go, but if we do, be creative about how we do it!

So that’s a little bit about us and our Suburbativity52 Challenge.  We’d love it if you introduced yourself AND joined us on our journey!

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