Why Create?

Imagination will get you everywhere


8 Reasons Why You Should Create 
1. We need more creative people in the world to solve all our problems.
Creativity is not just about creating arts and crafts, it’s also about solving problems. And we have a lot of serious problems in the world that will require some major problem solving skills, creativity, and imagination to solve. Creativity is therefore CRITICAL to our survival as a species and to the survival of this planet. (Read more here about what education expert Ken Robinson says regarding the need of creativity to solve our problems.) 

2.  What you create will be unlike anything anyone else creates.
Creativity is an expression of YOU, and just like there isn’t anyone else exactly like you, anything you create will be totally unique, totally you.  If you don’t share your creation, the world could be missing out on some really good stuff!

3.  Creativity can be a form of meditation.

Creating is an amazing form of relaxation and meditation.  Personally, when I’m creating,  I completely stop thinking about the things that normally worry me.  All those worries just float out the window and time almost seems to stop.  That’s a really good thing. At least I think so.

4.  Creativity may give you a competitive advantage.
Individuals and organizations that can utilize their creativity more effectively will surely have a competitive advantage.   Routine, redundant tasks can always be outsourced to oversees companies or copied by competitors.  If two candidates are interviewing for a job and they have the exact same experience and skills, but one candidate can show how they creatively solved a problem, I’d be willing to bet that’s the person that scores the job. And when it comes to all the tasks being done by computers these days, just remember that computers can’t come up with original ideas, they just execute code.

5.  Creativity can teach you perseverance and give you confidence.
I need to be honest with you, once you start creating, you might possibly have a little bit (ok, maybe a LOT) of frustration.   Your creation may take longer than you thought it would or may not be lining up with what you  envisioned as you make it.   But if you stick with it, trust the creative process and just keep plugging away, your creation may actually turn out WAY better than you ever imagined.  You will then learn perseverance and confidence, and perhaps as Friedrich Nietzsche says, “give birth to a dancing star.”    There’s nothing more satisfying than stepping back after you’ve creating something– perhaps through blood, sweat, and tears — and being able to proclaim, “Hey, check it out, I made that!!!”

6.  Creativity will make your life fuller and bring you back to the present moment.
In this fast-paced, got-to-have-it NOW-world, creating will slow things down for you.  And if your creating involves observing things, you will notice things you never noticed before.  You will begin to observe the beauty and miracle in the smallest of things, and your life will become much fuller and richer because of that.   For a glimpse of all the amazing things there are in the world to observe if we just take the time, watch this Ted Talk and video by Louie Schwartzberg about Gratitude.

7.  You can create your own entertainment, instead of relying on someone else to entertain you.
It concerns me that we as a society spend hours upon hours, and incredible amounts of money, being entertained by video games, celebrities, reality TV stars, or athletes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a great football game or a great movie, but instead of being entertained by other people (who in many cases are making incredible amounts of money doing it), why not just learn to do what you love and entertain yourself? Instead of spending hours playing Guitar Hero on XBox, why not just learn to play a real guitar?  Or, instead of watching Iron Chef for hours on end, why not create your own recipe???  I promise you, once you start creating, or learning something new, you’ll never be bored again!  And you’ll never have to really on other people to entertain you!

8.  Why not just start?  The time will pass anyway.
Stop telling yourself you don’t have the right skills, that you don’t have the time, or that it will take too long to get good at creating.  If you keep telling yourself these things, hours…days…years…and decades could pass.  Trust me, I know.  I talked myself out of pursuing my creative passions for decades. For many years I told myself there just wasn’t enough time to create, and now I ask myself why didn’t I just start doing a little bit at a time way back then?  If I had started then, by now, I’d have a lot more years experience and skill under my belt, not to mention many fun hours of creating!!!

Simply just begin.  Don’t worry about how long it will take.  Just take that first step and don’t look back.  Most importantly, don’t give up.   The time’s going to pass anyway, so instead of waking up one day with regret, wouldn’t you rather wake up  and marvel at all the amazing things you enjoyed, learned and created along the way?

Legs are the wheels of creativity

Today is the day to start your creative journey.
Simply take that first step and go forth and create!
We’re all capable of amazing things!!!

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